InnoSTARS Competition Semifinal for Electronic Information Group in Qingdao, China


The InnoSTARS Competition is a platform that connects U.S-based innovators and companies with Chinese investors, corporations, and strategic partners. China is a growing powerhouse of the world economy, with a huge consumer market of its own and a rapidly rising scientific and technological base. 

2019 InnoSTARS focuses on cutting-edge innovative and industrial technology fields of Advance Manufacturing, Green Innovation (Energy, Materials, Environmental Please), Electric Information, Medical Devices, Bio-Pharmaceuticals, and Intelligent Manufacturing. It is organized and implemented in five stages including the establishment of resource library, mass selection, preliminary competitions, semi-finals, and the grand final. Nearly 1000 innovative technologies from North America have been included in the resource library and relevant teams contended with each other in the special preliminary competitions held in nearly 10 key innovation cities in the United States, including Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, Boston, Houston, San Francisco and Seattle. In the end, the top 100 teams have been selected for the semi-finals in China.

American Business Television Networks CEO, Yusef Muhammad in Qingdao, China was hosted as a judge by China Science and Technology Exchange Center, US China Innovation Alliance (UCIA), Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau, The People’s Government of Laoshan District.

“Congratulations to all those involved in making this event a huge success,” stated Yusef Muhammad.

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