IRS encourages taxpayers to do a Paycheck Checkup for 2019


IRS encourages taxpayers to do a Paycheck Checkup for 2019
Make sure you’re having the right amount of tax taken out of your pay in 2019. Visit the #IRS

The IRS continues to urge taxpayers to do a Paycheck Checkup as soon as possible to see if they’re having their employer withhold the right amount of tax. The IRS Withholding Calculator can help taxpayers check their current withholding, determine if they need to adjust it and avoid tax filing surprises next year.

During the week of June 10, the IRS is focusing on helping taxpayers understand what actions they should take now – especially if their taxes turned out differently than they expected this year, and even if they adjusted their withholding last year. If their withholding won’t be enough, they can adjust it or make estimated tax payments to the IRS. The next payment deadline is coming soon: June 17.

Withholding Calculator to do a #PaycheckCheckup today:

With careful planning, you can avoid #IRS surprises. Determine the correct amount of tax to ask you
employer to withhold by doing a #PaycheckCheckup today:

To help you determine your correct amount of tax withholding, #IRS urges you to visit the #IRS
Withholding Calculator and do a #PaycheckCheckup today:

Doing an annual #PaycheckCheckup is a good idea for everyone –  it’s designed for people who receive wages, but the #IRS Withholding Calculator can help recipients of pension and annuity income, too.

Do a #PaycheckCheckup today – and if the #IRS Withholding Calculator suggests a change, fill out a new
Form W-4 and submit it to your employer as soon as possible.

Anyone who needs to adjust the tax withheld from their pay do so as soon as possible. Use the #IRS
Withholding Calculator to do a #PaycheckCheckup today.