This month’s “Spotlight” focuses on Ghana and an event that could help U.S. companies with entering the market.


This month’s “Spotlight” focuses on Ghana and an event that could help U.S. companies with entering the market.

Ghana is one of the most attractive markets in Sub-Saharan Africa for the US. products and investment. The country has demonstrated remarkable stability and legal transparency, particularly in comparison to its neighbors in Africa. Health is one of the central pillars of the Government of Ghana’s human development agenda and is an underlying factor in the government’s overall strategy for accelerated growth in the country.

Ghana has a full range of diseases endemic to Sub-Sahara Africa: cholera, typhoid, pulmonary tuberculosis, chickenpox, yellow fever, measles, infectious hepatitis, malaria, and schistosomiasis are all endemic in Ghana. Despite these challenges, the country does have a strong and growing middle class and a large number of expatriate Ghanaians are choosing to return to participate in one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies.

Medical equipment is not locally manufactured for the most part but entirely imported. Although U.S. products are highly regarded in Ghana, their higher price limits their market. However, Ghanaians are often willing to pay a little higher price if only to import U.S. products of a higher quality.

Key issues in adapting U.S. products to this market include registration with the appropriate authorities, training local people to carry out after-sales service and also supplying readily available spare parts.