We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2019 ABTV Awards, presented by Interise!

Best Place to Work 
 David Dafoe
Owner & CEO, Flavorman
Louisville ’18 Alum
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“I hire people who are smarter than me. I rely on their expertise and strive to create an atmosphere where they can flourish. It is the people who have helped this company grow.”

Impact Award 
 Cornelius Griggs
President, GMA Construction
Chicago ’16 Alum
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“Over 95% of the work that GMA Construction company performs is within minority and disadvantaged communities…When we start a project in a community, we hire directly from that community.”

Companyto Watch
 Michele Ware
CEO, Hoodwinked Escape
NYC ’17 Alum
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“I have grown my business through contracts with various NYC departments and expanded my offerings through partnerships with other local businesses. I hire locally, and I partner with the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development to get interns from public schools, three of whom I’ve hired.”

Championof Minority Business Development
 Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity
Interise Partner
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“Our team of 40 people across the state in 2018 created and retained 17,000 jobs through loan programs, hosted or participated in over 1400 events, conducted 800 one-on-one consultations, and worked with over 250 resource partners statewide.”-Kathy Dolan, Director of Business Development and Outreach Services

The Virginia DSBSD’s mission is to enhance growth opportunities for Virginia’s small, women, and minority (SWaM) owned businesses allowing them to prosper through increased revenue and job creation.Through their vision, the agency advocates for equal access to opportunity for SWaM businesses assisting in their creation, growth, and sustainability.

Leadershipin Facilitation and Training
(LIFT) Award

 Rita Ricks
Speaking to Your Spirit
Interise Instructor, Virginia
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“My purpose in life is to show women, and a few smart men, how to remove the barriers preventing them from living the life they were born to live.”
Interise partnered with American Business Television to bring you this year’s small business awards. Award winners were profiled and are now streaming on ABTV through April 2020. Check out the videos here!