Business Travel Advisory



United States
United States Today, passengers transiting New York’s John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) should reconfirm flights due to a software outage affecting the computer systems of multiple carriers.

Tomorrow, travelers in urban centers should avoid all demonstrations associated with a nationwide strike by the ATE workers’ unions. In Buenos Aires, activists plan to gather at 9:30 AM local time outside Casa de la Provincia de Buenos Aires. They will then march to the National Institute of Statistics and Census of Argentina, via the Ministry of Modernization of the Nation. The union is calling for an increase in salaries to offset inflation.

Tomorrow, travelers should avoid nationwide protests over education budget cuts. Several unions representing students and teachers will participate in the demonstrations to denounce a recent 30% budget reduction for federal universities and research institutes across the country. Rallies are planned in at least 20 cities in 12 states, including Brasilia, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo.

Today, travelers should exercise caution in Gonaives and avoid a planned protest linked to a strike by local businesspeople over escalating gang-related violence. Residents plan to march along Route National 1 from Carrefour Bassin to the city center at 9:00 AM local time. Additional local gatherings are possible during the strike. Residents claim that gang members fleeing security operations are seeking refuge in Gonaives, causing a spike in violent crime. All demonstrations should be avoided due to the risk of violence.

Yesterday, five people were killed, and eight injured in a shooting outside a bar in the Ejidal neighborhood of Playa del Carmen. The two assailants subsequently escaped. While the motive of the attack is unknown, the incident may be related to extortion by organized criminal groups. The attack highlights the incidental risks from violent crime to travelers in Playa del Carmen.

On Saturday, May 18, travelers in Mexico City should plan journeys bypassing an antiabortion rally. The march will be held at 9:30 AM local time from the Monumento a la Madre to an undisclosed location. Unconfirmed reports indicate that the rally may end at the Mexico City Congress building. The march is likely to pass off peacefully and be well attended.

Travelers should continue to anticipate flooding and road travel disruption, especially in and around Asuncion. Yesterday, the government said that it had approved an emergency declaration for Asuncion, as well as Central, Guaira, Itapua, Misiones and San Pedro departments. Rainstorms on May 10-11 caused the Paraguay River to overflow and flood areas along its banks. Around 240,000 people have been put at risk by severe weather since March, while one person has been killed.


Travelers in Algiers and other urban centers should continue to avoid anti-government protests due to associated disruption and the potential for unrest. Further such demonstrations can be expected every Friday, while student protests also often take place on Tuesdays, usually near university campuses. Previous gatherings have significantly affected traffic in Algiers and have been held amid tight security. Demonstrators are calling for an overhaul of the entire political system, following the April 2 resignation of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Cote d’Ivoire 
Today, travelers in Abidjan and other urban centers should avoid all demonstrations associated with a new wave of teachers’ strikes. Members of the COSEF-CI union will observe a walkout today through May 17, while the CNEC union has called for an indefinite work stoppage beginning May 20. The actions are linked to an ongoing dispute with the government over working conditions, benefits, and wages. The planned strikes may be suspended early as union representatives and the government plan to hold negotiations tomorrow.

Since a crisis linked to former President Yahya Jammeh’s refusal to step down after losing the December 2016 Presidential Election, President Adama Barrow’s new administration has taken steps to address social and economic grievances. While the potential for tension between pro-Jammeh and pro-Barrow forces remains, these are unlikely to escalate into widespread unrest.

Today through Thursday, May 16, travelers in Bissau and other urban centers should avoid all protests linked to a nationwide teachers’ strike. The work stoppage is being held to demand the payment of unpaid salaries and the revision of the teaching profession’s status. Previous similar protests in March were forcibly dispersed by security forces. All related gatherings should be avoided due to the risk of further unrest.

People with measles infections continue to be identified in many locations in Israel, including in public places while contagious, exposing people who are not immune to the disease, potentially spreading the disease further. Measles is caused by a highly contagious virus that spreads from person-to-person via infected droplets. Outbreaks occur frequently in under-vaccinated populations. Common symptoms include fever, cough, and a characteristic rash. Measles can result in serious complications, particularly when very young children, the elderly or pregnant women are infected. All travelers should ensure that they are fully immunized against measles.

Travelers in Tel Aviv should anticipate heightened security around the Eurovision International Song contest through Saturday, May 18. The event will take place at Expo Tel Aviv amid heightened tensions following rocket fire from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel on May 4-5. Disruptive protests by the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement may occur near the event venue. Additional security measures can also be expected at transportation hubs throughout the city.

Travelers in Zarqa should continue to avoid near-daily unruly protests over the detention of an activist. Gatherings have primarily occurred in the area around the Jordan Petroleum Refinery, where protesters have blocked roads, burned tires and thrown rocks since May 11. Yesterday, protesters blocked roads around the Awajan Triangle, where Yajouz Road and King Hussein Street merge.

Travelers should exercise caution and avoid all gatherings linked to the May 21 General Election. Campaigning will end on May 19. While the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has called for an end to violence involving rival parties, there is potential for periodic low-level security incidents. On May 10, clashes occurred between police and supporters of the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in the Kanengo area of Lilongwe. Police used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators; three people were injured. Travelers should minimize movement on Election Day as a precaution and to minimize inconvenience.

Saudi Arabia 
Today, Saudi Arabian authorities confirmed that drones attacked two oil pumping stations in the towns of Afif and Dawadmi. The incident, which took place between 6:00 AM and 6:30 AM local time, resulted in limited damage. Although Saudi authorities did not indicate the perpetrators, the Yemen-based Zaydi Houthi group has claimed responsibility through its media channels.

Today, an explosion just before 11:00 AM local time was reported in the Warta Nabada area of Mogadishu. First reports suggest the target was the District Headquarters building. Travelers should avoid the area and follow all directives.

South Africa 
Travelers in Grabouw should anticipate further protests on the N2 Highway and plan journeys accordingly. Striking farm workers have blocked the road on several occasions, disrupting traffic despite the swift dispersal of the demonstrations by police.

Today, travelers in Khartoum should avoid a planned protest by the Democratic Alliance of Lawyers. The association has called on lawyers and judges to participate in the rally to demand the reformation of the judiciary system and fair trials by the country’s courts, among other issues. Participants will gather on Abdel Moneim Mohamed Street, west of the Khartoum Criminal Court, at 1:00 PM local time. While authorities have promised not to use violence against protesters, all such gatherings should be avoided.

Travelers in coastal regions should plan journeys accounting for disruption due to ongoing torrential rain and consequent flooding. Yesterday, local flooding and associated disruption occurred in Daar es Salam, including on Morogoro Road in the Jangwani area. Tanzania Meteorological Authority (TMA) forecasts further rain through tomorrow in Dar es Salam, as well as other coastal regions including Tanga, Pwani, Unguja and Pemba. Strong winds are expected to affect coastal regions on May 16-17. Travelers should monitor weather forecasts and reconfirm the status of routes before setting out.


On Friday May 17 and Saturday, May 18, travelers in Dhaka should expect increased security and avoid gatherings related to the Buddha Purnima religious celebration. On Friday, May 17, a procession will be held from Shahbagh to the National Press Club. On Saturday, May 18, celebrations will be held at Buddhist temples in the Badda, Basabo, Mirpur, and Uttara areas. Authorities will deploy additional police officers and establish checkpoints around event venues and key locations. Travelers should exercise vigilance and follow official directives.

Cook Islands 
Cases of dengue fever have been reported after a gap of about two years. The disease is spread by mosquitoes and is present in both rural and urban areas. Dengue fever can cause a range of symptoms and has no particular treatment. Some people, especially those who have been infected before, get a more severe form that can lead to fatal complications. Although a vaccine is available in several locations, it is only recommended for people who have been infected with dengue in the past and are living or traveling in areas with high levels of dengue transmission. Travelers should prevent infection by avoiding mosquito bites.

An outbreak of leptospirosis has been declared in Central Division. The bacterial disease is mainly spread through contaminated water entering the body through the skin or mucous membranes. Symptoms are often mild and flu-like, but the infection can be severe. Untreated, it can cause organ failure which can be fatal. Travelers should prevent infection by avoiding contact with contaminated waters.

Recent arrests of suspected militants and foiled plots underline persistent terrorism risks. The arrests were made in Bekasi and Tegal during raids on May 4, 5 and 8. Police also killed one suspect after he attempted to throw a bomb during the Bekasi raid. The suspects were apparently planning to attack security forces at election-related events, including during the announcement of results on May 22 in Bekasi and Jakarta. Travelers should remain vigilant to their surroundings and report any suspicious behavior or items to authorities.

On Sunday, May 19, travelers in George Town should anticipate disruption related to a Vesak Day procession. The float procession will start at 6:00 PM local time from the Malaysian Buddhist Association (MBA) building. It will move along Burma Road, Kelawai Road, Burma Lane, Pangkor Road, Peel Avenue, Macalister Road, Anson Road, and Madras Lane. The parade will return via the same route to the MBA building by 10:00 PM local time. Organizers expect around 15,000 people to be present along the procession route. Travelers should reconfirm the status of routes before setting out.

New Zealand 
Today through June 9, travelers in Auckland should anticipate disruption amid an ongoing dispute between railway maintenance workers and their employer, CAF. Reports indicate CAF has imposed a 30-day lockout, suspending railway maintenance workers in response to a partial strike that began on May 14 over wages. Delays and cancellations should be expected, as fewer trains will be operating during this period. Travelers should make alternative arrangements.


Travelers in urban centers should anticipate and avoid further opposition protests calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Edi Rama over corruption allegations. Yesterday, a related demonstration by the opposition Democratic Party of Albania (DP) in Tirana passed off without any major incidents; however, at least 13 police officers were injured and around 50 protesters, including DP Secretary Sahit Dollapi, were arrested during DP demonstrations in Tirana on May 11, underlining the risk of local disturbances during such gatherings.

Cases of Legionnaires’ disease have been confirmed in the Evergem municipality of East Flanders. Investigations into the potential source are underway, with water cooling towers suspected. Legionnella bacteria is naturally present in the environment at low levels and the majority of people exposed do not become ill. Older people, smokers, and those with underlying health problems are at higher risk of developing symptoms such as fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. Overall the risk to travelers is low. Travelers with symptoms who have been in affected areas should seek medical attention.

Czech Republic 
Travelers in urban centers should expect and avoid further anti-government protests. The next round of demonstrations is scheduled for May 21. In Prague, the rally will take place at 6:30 PM local time at Vaclavske Namesti; related gatherings are expected in other cities. Yesterday, protests attracted around 20,000 people in Prague, several thousand in Brno and Plzen, with smaller gatherings reported in several other towns. Further demonstrations are also likely to be well attended, causing local disruption.

Today through Saturday, May 18, travelers in Paris and other urban centers should expect local disruption and plan journeys avoiding protests over a proposed education reform law. The first gathering is scheduled to take place in Paris at 1:00 PM local time today outside the Senate building, to coincide with the law’s review by senators; a similar gathering is also planned for Thursday, May 16. Another demonstration will take place on Saturday, May 18 at 2:00 PM local time at Place Denfert-Rochereau; related protests and local demonstrations are likely countrywide.

Today, passengers transiting Nice Côte d’Azur Airport (NCE) should allow additional time to reach the facility after taxi drivers blocked entry to both terminals.

On Friday, May 17, travelers in Tbilisi should avoid all gatherings linked to simultaneous celebrations of Family Purity Day and International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. A Family Purity Day procession will be held from First Republic Square to Holy Trinity Cathedral. Counter-protests by LGBTQ activists are likely to take place along the procession route and near central locations, such as the State Chancellery of Georgia. All gatherings should be avoided due to a heightened risk of clashes between rival protesters.

An increase in mumps cases has been reported nationwide. Cases reported this year have been significantly higher than those reported last year. Mumps is caused by a virus that spreads from person-to-person via infected droplets. It is highly contagious and nearly all cases occur among unvaccinated people. Symptoms include fever, painful and swollen glands, pain on swallowing and inflammation of the testes in men. Serious complications can occur. All travelers should ensure they are fully vaccinated against mumps.

Travelers in Yekaterinburg should anticipate and avoid further demonstrations linked to the planned construction of an Orthodox church on Oktyabrskaya Square. Yesterday, around 2,000 people attended one of the largest gatherings to date at the square, while scuffles were reported between participants and counter-demonstrators. Today, a public prayer organized by Yekaterinburg Eparchy will take place at 7:00 AM local time and is likely to attract anti-construction protesters. Travelers should plan journeys bypassing the square as a precaution and to minimize inconvenience.

Today, travelers in Kiev should avoid a planned demonstration in front of the Cabinet Ministry building as a precaution. The demonstration is being organized by trade unions representing railway and construction workers to demand increased pay and guarantees of staffing levels. The time of the rally has not yet been announced. Travelers should plan routes bypassing the event to minimize inconvenience.

Travelers in Kharkiv should anticipate disruption in and around Freedom Square over the fate of a project to raise funds for Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the separatist-controlled areas of Donetsk and Luhansk provinces. Local authorities have ordered that a tent erected in the square in 2014 to collect funds for military and medical personnel should be dismantled today. Although a march to Constitution Square on May 12 passed off peacefully, several nationalist groups have vowed to protect the tent if the dismantlement order is not rescinded.

Today, travelers in Kiev should avoid a rally by small business owners as a precaution. Participants will march at 9:00 AM local time from the Presidential Administration building to the City Council. The business owners are protesting plans to reduce the number of kiosks in the city. Negotiations thus far have failed to resolve the issue. Similar to related gatherings on March 14, April 4 and April 11, the latest rally is also expected to pass off peacefully.

Today, travelers in Kiev should avoid an unauthorized rally near Verkhovna Rada as a precaution. Participants are expected to gather at 9:00 AM local time to pressure lawmakers to move up the inauguration of President-elect Volodymyr Zelenskiy, which is tentatively scheduled for May 28. Zelenskiy is not endorsing the rally, calling it unlawful. Unauthorized rallies have the potential to result in local clashes between participants and security forces, or between rival supporters. Travelers are advised to avoid all gatherings as a precaution.