Business Travel Advisory



Today, travelers in urban centers should avoid nationwide student demonstrations as a precaution and to minimize inconvenience. Unions representing students and teachers oppose a recent 30% budget reduction imposed on federal universities and research institutes across the country. Related rallies on May 15 were well-attended and caused local disruption.

Parts of Alberta province are experiencing poor air quality following regional wildfires. Polluted air can cause symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, irritation of the eyes and nose, and can also aggravate existing heart or lung disease. To reduce the risk of potential health problems, travelers should minimize exposure by limiting time and physical activity outdoors.

Today, travelers in Santiago and other major urban centers should avoid planned nationwide anti-government demonstrations. The gatherings are being organized by labor unions, student groups, and civic society organizations in protest of recently introduced pension reform legislation. The exact timings and locations of individual gatherings are unclear, though main avenues and plazas are the most likely protest venues. Local disruption should be expected in city centers.

El Salvador 
Today, travelers in La Libertad department should monitor developments and exercise caution following a magnitude 6.6 offshore earthquake. According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake occurred 17 miles southeast of the coastal town of La Libertad at a depth of 40 miles. No Tsunami Warning was issued, though some power outages were reported. Travelers are advised to follow all official directives.

Today, travelers in Monclova should avoid a march by steel workers as a precaution. Workers of the Altos Hornos de Mexico (AHMSA) steel company, the largest in the country, plan to march at 3:30 PM local time from Ave Fenix Square to the Francisco Madero Monument. Participants have called for the march in support of AHMSA amid corruption investigations into company executives. While the march is expected to be peaceful, it is likely to be well-attended and cause local disruption along Boulevard Harold R. Pape.

Today, travelers in Mexico City should plan journeys avoiding a march by indigenous rights groups in the city center. Participants will gather at 10:00 AM local time at the Angel of Independence and proceed towards the Zocalo. Such rallies usually travel along Paseo de la Reforma. The National Movement of Indigenous Peoples, Communities and Organizations (MPCOI MN), among other groups, has organized the demonstration over various issues, including proposed funding cuts to indigenous public institutions. While the demonstration is likely to be peaceful, local disruption is possible.

Today, travelers should minimize movement due to planned opposition gatherings commemorating victims of political violence. In Managua, a related gathering will be held at 11:00 AM local time at the National Cathedral. Gatherings are also likely in other cities, including Esteli, Masaya and Matagalpa. The events are planned to honor the Mothers of April, referring to mothers of opposition members who have been detained or killed during the ongoing political crisis. Travelers should avoid all gatherings due to a credible risk of violence.

Travelers should continue to anticipate flooding and road travel disruption, especially in and around Asuncion. Yesterday, the government extended an emergency declaration for Asuncion, as well as Central, Guaira, Itapua, Misiones and San Pedro departments, for 90 days. Rainstorms have caused the Paraguay River to overflow and flood areas along its banks. The Banado Norte, Banado Sur, Chacarita, and Nanawa areas of Asuncion have been acutely impacted. At least 70,000 people have been evacuated or relocated due to flooding, while one person has been killed.


Travelers in Najaf should anticipate heightened security measures and possible disruption linked to an influx of Shia Muslim pilgrims. Thousands of pilgrims congregate every year in Najaf, one of the holiest cities in Shia Islam, to commemorate the death of Imam Ali and observe Laylat al-Qadr, a key date in the final days of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Today, travelers in southeastern states should exercise caution and anticipate heightened security during the Biafra Day of Remembrance. A sit-at-home protest to mark the occasion, the anniversary of the declaration of Biafran independence in 1967, has been announced by pro-Biafra groups, and authorities have banned all public demonstrations. Gatherings and marches are likely in state capitals in the region. Demonstrations over the issue are often dispersed forcibly by security forces with tear gas and live ammunition. Any such clashes would pose incidental risks to those in the vicinity.

Saudi Arabia 
Today and tomorrow, travelers in Mecca and Jeddah should anticipate heightened security measures and associated disruption during three regional summits. Mecca will host emergency summits focused on increased tensions with Iran for the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Arab League today, and the 14th Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation tomorrow. Heads of State and high-level representatives from 57 countries are expected to attend these summits. Heightened security measures, traffic restrictions, and pilgrims performing the Islamic pilgrimage of Umrah are likely to exacerbate congestion, including at Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED).

South Africa 
A nationwide strike organized by the South Africa Transport and Allied Workers Union for today was officially called off through a court interdict. Union members and marine employees of the Transnet National Ports Authority, who had called for the strike, are negotiating a resolution over alleged salary discrepancies. Travelers should monitor developments; if a resolution is not met, related demonstrations are possible.

Today, travelers in Khartoum and other urban centers should avoid all gatherings due to a credible risk of unrest. The Sudanese Professional Association (SPA) has called on people to join ongoing sit-ins across the country, including outside military headquarters in Khartoum. The gatherings are being held to mark the success of a two-day general strike that concluded yesterday and caused significant disruption. Reports indicate that one person was killed, and several others injured yesterday when security forces used live ammunition to disperse the sit-in at military headquarters.

Today, travelers should monitor developments over possible mass protests across the country. Calls for anti-government demonstrations have been circulating for some time, without any rallies materializing. Reports have gathered pace in recent days, with a spate of arrests of civil society activists accused of “plotting” demonstrations and a call by an opposition MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) Congress on May 28 to use all constitutional means, including demonstrations, to force a change of government. Police have announced that they are ready to contain any protests.


Today, an explosion was reported near the Marshal Fahim National Defense University in Kabul’s Police District 5 on 30 May. Details are emerging.

Hong Kong 
On June 6 and 9, travelers in Hong Kong should avoid rallies against the government’s move to fast-track proposed changes to an extradition agreement with mainland China. Lawyers will hold a rally on June 6; precedents indicate the High Court complex in the Admiralty district is a likely location. On June 9, around 30,000 people are expected to march from Causeway Bay to the Hong Kong Legislative Council Complex. The rallies follow a well-attended march along the same route on April 28.

Unusually high temperatures have been recorded in many parts of India. Exposure to excessive temperatures for a sustained period can pose health risks ranging from relatively mild rashes and sunburn to heat stroke, a medical emergency. To prevent heat-related illnesses, travelers should stay hydrated and avoid exposure to heat.

New Zealand 
Today, passengers transiting Wellington International Airport (WLG) should reconfirm flight schedules before setting out. Severe weather conditions have resulted in flight delays and cancellations.

Papua New Guinea 
Today, travelers in Port Moresby should continue to monitor developments and avoid all gatherings related to a Parliamentary vote expected to take place around 10:00 AM local time. The vote is to elect a new Prime Minister, following Peter O’Neill’s resignation yesterday. O’Neill stepped down after several high-profile defections from his coalition government. While no related protests have yet occurred, demonstrations and unrest remain possible.

Tomorrow through Sunday, June 1, travelers in the Newton or Tanglin areas should expect heightened security and local traffic disruption in the vicinity of the Shangri-La Hotel. The annual Shangri-La Dialogue International Security Summit is taking place at the hotel and will be attended by senior government officials from Asia-Pacific nations, the US, and China. Travelers should avoid the area due to roadblocks and increased security checks; motorists should particularly avoid using Orange Grove Road and Anderson Road due to expected traffic congestion on these routes.

On Saturday, June 1, travelers in Lome should avoid a protest by a group representing various civil society organizations to denounce an ongoing ban on demonstrations. Participants will march from College Saint Joseph to Place de l’Independance. The gathering may be dispersed forcibly by police, posing incidental risks to those in the vicinity.


From Tuesday, June 4 through Thursday, June 6, travelers in Muslim-majority areas of the Commonwealth of Independent States region should anticipate disruption linked to Eid al-Fitr festival. The holiday marks the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and is considered a public holiday in Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, as well as Muslim-majority regions of Russia. Travelers should anticipate heightened security around celebration venues and exercise caution in the vicinity due to increased risk of opportunistic crime and militancy.

At least seven South Korean Nationals were killed following a fatal collision between a tourist boat and another vessel on the Danube River in Budapest yesterday. Thirty-five people were on board, including 33 South Koreans and two crew members; 21 people are confirmed missing. Local authorities have temporarily halted boat traffic on the river south of Budapest to facilitate ongoing rescue operations. The bank of Danube has also been closed off on the Pest side, across from Buda Castle. Travelers in the area of rescue efforts should follow official directives.

On Tuesday, June 4, travelers in Kiev should avoid a planned protest by the far-right National Corps from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM local time at the Presidential Administration building. Protests by the group typically draw large crowds, causing local disruption. There is also a heightened risk of unrest during such gatherings, and security forces may forcibly disperse demonstrators. Travelers should avoid the gathering to minimize incidental risks.

United Kingdom 
Today, Leeds Station was evacuated at around 7:15 AM local time due to a trespassing incident. Emergency services are currently on the scene. According to railway operator Northern, all services running through the station have been delayed or canceled. The disruption is expected to last until 3:00 PM local time. Travelers should reconfirm train schedules before setting out.