Business Travel Advisory


Business Travel Advisory


United States
Due to runway construction, there is a traffic management program in effect for flights arriving at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). This is causing some arriving flights to be delayed an average of 3 hours. Travelers are advised to reconfirm flights and allow additional travel time.

Travelers in Sioux Falls, SD should exercise caution and comply with all official directives following the passage of a tornado. The weather system touched down near Western Avenue and 85th Street at 11:41 PM local time yesterday. Significant damage to homes and buildings has been reported. City officials have issued a “no travel” advisory, asking people to stay off roads while emergency crews clear debris; several roads have been closed throughout the city. More than 12,000 people are reportedly without power. Operations at Sioux Falls Regional Airport (FSD) have not been affected.

Hurricane Dorian has caused catastrophic damage and flooding, particularly on Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands. The number of injuries and fatalities is expected to rise. Infrastructure damage has occurred, including power, communications and health facilities. Food and safe drinking water may be limited. Increased health risks posed by the floodwaters include injury, diarrheal diseases, skin infections, and insect-borne diseases. Inbound travel to Abaco, Berry, Bimini, and Grand Bahama islands should be deferred.

Today, travelers in urban centers should avoid demonstrations marking the 46th anniversary of the 1973 military coup in which former President Gen Augusto Pinochet came to power. The anniversary traditionally elicits pro- and anti-Pinochet demonstrations, and there is potential for local unrest. Heightened security measures are likely to remain in place through tomorrow. Related gatherings are also likely in other urban centers.

Operations have resumed at Matecana International Airport (PEI), which serves the city of Pereira, following a brief suspension last night. The suspension came after a gas explosion and subsequent fire in the Nacederos area. Authorities evacuated the area; no casualties were reported. Efforts are ongoing to put out the fire; travelers should avoid the affected area.

Today, travelers in Michoacan should plan journeys bypassing demonstrations associated with an ongoing strike by the National Coordinator of Education Workers teachers’ union. Although past protests have been peaceful, they have resulted in road closures.


Yesterday, the National Assembly voted in favor of extending the State of Emergency in Ouaddai, Sila, and Tibesti regions through January 10, 2020. Meanwhile, a curfew from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM local time continues to be imposed in these areas; several border crossings also remain closed. The emergency measures follow a spike in fatal communal clashes between Arab herdsmen and local farmers, with at least 50 people killed since August 9.

Passengers of Kenya Airways should reconfirm flight schedules after the airline announced that flights may be rescheduled due to a pilot shortage. Dozens of flights have been canceled or delayed as a result of operational constraints in recent weeks. According to a Kenya Airways official, recruitment has been hampered by an ongoing dispute with unionized pilots over pay and the employment of foreigners.

On September 15, travelers in Lilongwe should plan routes bypassing a political rally in the Mgona area to minimize inconvenience. The rally will be President Peter Mutharika’s first in the city since the disputed General Election on May 21. Supporters of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) expect a large turnout. Mutharika is expected to hold additional rallies across the country.

Today, travelers in Mogadishu should avoid the vicinity of Villa Somalia following reports of mortar fire. At least three shells are reported to have landed in and around the complex at around 1:00 PM local time.

South Africa
On September 7, three foreign nationals were robbed by unidentified assailants in their hotel in Graskop. The criminals reportedly sexually assaulted one tourist before robbing all three of their belongings and escaping the scene. Police are currently searching for the suspects. This incident highlights the persistent risk posed by crime in South Africa, including outside major urban centers.

Today, travelers in the Braamfontein area of Johannesburg should plan routes bypassing a protest against gender violence. The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) has called for a rally at 1:00 PM local time outside COSATU House. Similar demonstrations have taken place across the country in recent weeks.

Increased cases of malaria have been reported since June. Malaria is consistently present throughout Uganda. It is spread through mosquito bites and can be fatal unless promptly treated. Travelers should seek medical advice prior to travel for an individual recommendation on preventive medication. Travelers should seek prompt medical attention if symptoms develop. Travelers should prevent infection through the use of antimalarial medication.

On September 15, travelers in Lusaka should avoid a planned rally at Mutambe Grounds in the Mandevu area as a precaution. The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) said that the rally would proceed, despite the fact the police denied authorization for the event. Although organizers say the rally will be peaceful, there is a credible risk of clashes with police.

Today through September 15, travelers in Harare should anticipate disruption linked to funeral events of former President Robert Mugabe. The former President passed away on September 6 in Singapore, where he had been receiving treatment. Heightened security measures, including road closures, are likely during these events. In addition, the opposition Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai party’s youth chapter plans to stage a demonstration during Mugabe’s state funeral service on September 14; further details are not available. Similar demonstrations are possible in other urban centers. Travelers should avoid such gatherings as a precaution.


Demonstrations can be expected to continue after protesters dismissed Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s announcement that the government planned to formally retract a controversial extradition bill as inadequate. While the bill’s withdrawal was protesters’ initial objective, demonstrations have continued over other demands, particularly calls for an independent inquiry into police conduct during the unrest. In addition to Mass Transit Railway (MTR) stations, gatherings are expected to increasingly focus on foreign embassies, as protesters attempt to attract greater international attention. Travelers in Hong Kong should continue to plan journeys avoiding all gatherings.

Today, travelers in Kabul should reconfirm the feasibility of movement following an explosion caused by rocket fire near the US Embassy in the Wazir Akbar Khan diplomatic area. No injuries were reported in the attack, which occurred at approximately 12:10 AM local time. No group has claimed responsibility. Travelers should anticipate an elevated security posture, including the potential for additional check-points along Wazir Akbar Khan and Airport roads.

Travelers in Queensland and New South Wales should continue to follow official directives and anticipate disruption related to ongoing bushfires. In southeastern Queensland, authorities have lifted Evacuation Orders for Marcus Beach and Peregian Beach; however, orders remain in place for the Peregian Breeze Estate, Weyba, and Mount Archer areas. Other affected locations include Ballandean, Beechmont, Byfield, Caloundra, Dimbulah, Esk, and Linville. In northeastern New South Wales, major fires are ongoing in Armidale, Clarence Valley, and Tenterfield.

Today and tomorrow, travelers should plan journeys avoiding “human chain” protests by the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) due to the risk of local unrest. Participants in Dhaka are due to gather at the BNP central office and the Party Chairperson’s office today. Nationwide demonstrations are likely to take place at local BNP offices tomorrow. The party is calling for the release of its imprisoned leader, Khaleda Zia.

Today, travelers in Bangalore should plan journeys accounting for disruption around a rally condemning the arrest of local Indian National Congress (INC) politician D K Shivakumar. Demonstrators will march from the National College Grounds to Freedom Park at 11:00 AM local time. The protest is likely to be well attended, and heightened security should be expected around it.

Travelers in central regions should anticipate residual disruption following the passage of Typhoon Faxai. The storm caused significant disruption to flights and ground transportation, as well as infrastructure damage in Tokyo and the prefectures of Chiba, Kanagawa, and Shizuoka. Although most airport and ground transportation resumed on September 9, residual delays remain possible, especially to train services; some JR East rail lines are operating reduced services and suspensions today. Power outages continue to impact more than 440,000 households in Chiba.

Today through September 30, travelers in urban centers should expect heightened security during the Islamic holy month of Muharram. Mosques, imambargahs, religious processions, and densely populated locations including market places should be avoided during this period due to the increased risk of militant attacks and sectarian violence.


Travelers should anticipate further protests and a heightened security force presence in Yerevan during legal proceedings against former President Robert Kocharyan. Supporters gathered outside the Kentron and Nork-Marash Court on September 9 and at the Shengavit Court yesterday to demand that Kocharyan be released after a Constitutional Court ruling on September 4. The Prosecutor General’s office has said the court ruling does not necessarily dictate Kocharyran’s release. Further rallies are possible, particularly during the next hearing scheduled for tomorrow.

Travelers in the breakaway separatist region of Abkhazia should monitor developments and avoid gatherings over the contested local Presidential Election due to the risk of unrest. Yesterday, supporters of losing opposition candidate Alkhas Kvitsinia gathered outside his party’s office in Sukhumi to demand a rerun of the vote. A simultaneous gathering in support of incumbent Raul Khajimba, who was declared the winner of the September 8 run-off, took place near the Presidential Administration office. Further gatherings are likely, as Kvitsinia is reportedly preparing to legally contest the results.

Today, travelers in Barcelona should anticipate road closures and associated disruption during pro-Catalan independence events marking the region’s National Day. Participants will gather at Plaza Espana at 4:00 PM local time before moving to Creu Coberta, Tarragona, Paral·lel, Reina Maria Cristina, and Gran Via avenues. Official proceedings will begin at 5:15 PM local time. Organizers expect up to one million participants.

United Kingdom
Today, passengers of British Airways should monitor developments and reconfirm flights due to residual effects from yesterday’s strike by airline pilots. Another related strike is scheduled for September 27.

Beginning September 13, passengers transiting London Heathrow Airport (LHR) should anticipate disruption and reconfirm flights if environmental activists proceed with plans to halt airport operations by flying toy drones. The “Heathrow Pause” group has said it will operate the drones within a restricted three-mile zone around the facility beginning at 3:00 AM local time daily, avoiding outside flight paths. Airport authorities will be given one hour’s notice of each drone launch. HP is protesting the planned expansion of the airport, which it says is incompatible with the government’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions.