Business Travel Advisory


Business Travel Advisory


United States
Today, travelers in California’s northern Los Angeles County should reconfirm the status of routes before setting out due to an ongoing wildfire. The Saddleburg Fire started yesterday in the Sylmar area of Los Angeles and has quickly spread. Interstate 210 has been closed between Interstate 5 and Exit 6 (Paxton Street/SR 118), while disruption has also been reported along Interstate 5 and local roads within this area. Mandatory evacuation orders are in place for the Foothill, Glenoaks, and Oakridge Estates areas.

Beginning October 29, travelers at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) using rideshare services, including Uber or Lyft, will be picked up at a designated parking lot near Terminal 1. Shuttle service from the main terminal will be provided. Travelers are advised that shuttles will run every 3-5 minutes. Alternately, passengers can walk from the main terminal to the designated ride-share pick up area, which would take approximately 18 minutes.

Today, non-essential travel to Ecuador should be deferred due to ongoing violent protests. Those already in the country should continue to minimize non-essential movement in the coming days. Since October 3, protesters have erected burning roadblocks and clashed with security forces, who have used tear gas to disperse them. A State of Emergency and a partial curfew restricting movement from 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM local time near government buildings remain in effect nationwide.

On Monday, October 14 and Tuesday, October 15, travelers in Port-au-Prince should avoid planned anti-government demonstrations in the vicinity of the US Embassy due to a credible risk of unrest. Although specific times or locations have not been announced, Avenue Mais Gate, Avenue Toussaint Louverture, and Boulevard du 15 Octobre are likely to be affected. Opposition groups have called for continued protests through October 17 to demand President Jovenel Moise’s resignation. Today, travelers should stand fast amid planned nationwide demonstrations and avoid further protests.

Travelers in Tegucigalpa and other cities should anticipate and avoid demonstrations by opponents and supporters of President Juan Orlando Hernandez. Anti-government demonstrations took place in Tegucigalpa on October 9 and 10, amid allegations of ties between Hernandez and drug-trafficking organizations. Supporters of the President likewise held a march on October 9. Police have used tear gas to disperse unruly demonstrations. Further protests remain likely, particularly around flashpoint locations in Tegucigalpa.


Travelers in Luanda should avoid planned anti-government protests due to the risk of unrest. Local musician and activist Nelson Adelino Dembo posted a video on social media calling on Angolans to stay at home or to stage protests over the current economic situation today. Various activist groups have also called for further protests on October 15 and 19.

Burkina Faso
Ground staff at Ouagadougou International Airport (OUA) have called off a strike scheduled for today and tomorrow to allow further negotiations with the government. The industrial action had been organized in protest of the construction of Ouagadougou-Donsin Airport.

Congo (DRC)
Today, travelers in Lubumbashi should exercise caution and avoid the vicinity of the eastern Annexe and Rwashi communes, where fighting has been reported. Clashes between the Congolese Army (FARDC) and the Bakata Katanga Militia were reported in these areas following an incursion by the Bakata Katanga Militia last night. Several people have been injured by gunfire, while businesses and schools in the affected areas have closed. Travelers should reconfirm the feasibility of routes before setting out and monitor developments.

Today, travelers in Kisangani should anticipate disruption during a visit by Jean-Pierre Bemba, the leader of the opposition Movement for the Liberation of the Congo (MLC) party. A rally will be held at Grande Poste Square to celebrate the party’s 21st anniversary. Travelers should plan journeys bypassing the event, reconfirm the status of routes before setting out, and allow additional time for travel in Kisangani.

Tomorrow, travelers in Accra should plan routes bypassing a planned march at 8:30 AM local time from the Nima Roundabout to Obra Spot. The rally is being held to denounce perceived discrimination against Muslim women. The demonstration, endorsed by traditional chiefs, may be joined by other civil society groups and should be avoided as a precaution and to minimize inconvenience.

Today, travelers in Basra should reconfirm the feasibility of movement following calls for protests. Leaflets have been circulated, urging people to gather at 4:00 PM local time in several parts of the city. These areas include Saied street in Hayaniah, Tamimiya, Abd Karim Qasem Square in Abbasiya, Five Mile, Gzaiza Junction, the Qarmat Ali Bridge, Baghdad Street in Muwafaqiya, the Military Junction in Yaseen Khreibat, Tejari Junction, and the Hakimimiya Fountain.

​​​​​​An outbreak of diarrheal illness has been reported in Harare. Gastroenteritis is caused by bacteria or viruses, and most infections occur as a result of ingesting contaminated food or water, or contact with infected persons or contaminated surfaces. People generally recover without complications; however, severe illness among children, the elderly, and people with weak immune systems are possible. Travelers should prevent infection through choosing safe food and water and paying attention to hygiene.


Today through Sunday, October 13, travelers in urban centers should anticipate local disruption during protests by the Extinction Rebellion (XR) environmentalist group. Demonstrators may block major roads, including in Central Business Districts, during rush hour. An increased security force presence should be expected around gatherings, which are being held to raise awareness of a “climate and ecological emergency.”

Today and tomorrow, heightened security and associated disruption can be expected in Chennai and the Chengalpattu district during Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s bilateral meeting. Additional security personnel will be deployed in parts of Chennai and Mamallapuram, where the meeting will take place. Traffic restrictions will be imposed along the East Coast Road and IT Expressway between Chennai and Mamallapuram. Travelers should allow additional time to complete journeys and follow all official directives.

Since early October, the Air Quality Index (AQI) in the National Capital Region (NCR) has intermittently recorded “Poor” levels in certain areas. Polluted air can cause symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and irritation of the eyes and nose. Young children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with underlying heart or lung disease are particularly vulnerable. To minimize the risk of potential health problems, travelers should reduce exposure by decreasing time and physical activity outdoors.

Today through Monday, October 14, travelers in Japan should expect significant disruption during the passage of Very Strong Typhoon Hagibis (second-highest on a three-tier typhoon scale). Hagibis’s outer bands are projected to bring heavy rain and strong winds to the Chubu and Kansai regions tonight before the storm makes landfall in the Kanto region tomorrow. Travelers should reconfirm logistical arrangements as a significant disruption to transportation and essential services are likely from Shikoku Island in the south to the Tohoku region in the north.


Travelers in major urban centers across Europe should plan journeys bypassing environmental protests to minimize inconvenience. The Extinction Rebellion (XR) environmentalist group has called for a “shut down” of major cities for at least two weeks until governments respond to the “climate and ecological emergency.” Related gatherings in capital cities are likely to be well attended, disrupting traffic in key locations, often around government buildings and on major routes.

Travelers in the United Kingdom and European Union should continue to monitor developments and follow all government guidelines related to the process of the UK leaving the EU, known as “Brexit.” Brexit is currently due to occur on October 31. Presently, the UK must agree to a deal with the EU by October 19 or request an extension. Local gatherings relating to Brexit remain possible, with most such events likely to be focused on Parliament Square in London.

Beginning Monday, October 14, passengers of Norwegian Air transiting Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) should anticipate disruption and reconfirm flights due to a planned strike by the airline’s cabin crew. The walkout, which is supposed to last through January 5, 2020, has been called by the UNAC and SNPNC-FO unions in connection with a dispute over wages and working conditions. A related strike at the airport in late April resulted in the cancellation of dozens of Norwegian Air flights.

Passengers transiting Gibraltar International Airport (GIB) should anticipate disruption and reconfirm flights during an ongoing air traffic controllers’ strike. Yesterday, some flights were diverted to Malaga as the airport was forced to close early in the evening. The striking air traffic controllers are not undertaking overtime or other voluntary work during the industrial action.

Today, travelers in urban centers should anticipate local disruption during student protests over proposed education reforms. In Rome, participants will gather at 9:00 AM local time in Piazzale dei Partigiani. A related sit-in will also take place in front of the Ministry of Education; bus lines in the vicinity will either be canceled or diverted. Similar actions are planned in at least 20 other cities across the country.

On Monday, October 14, travelers in urban centers should anticipate significant traffic and business disruption due to the Defender of Ukraine Day celebrations. Heightened security measures, including road closures and traffic diversions, are likely, especially around celebration areas. In Kiev, an event will be held near the City Council building on Khreshatik Street. Several far-right and nationalist groups have announced demonstrations to condemn the recent signature of the controversial “Steinmeier Formula” by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

United Kingdom
Today at least three people have been stabbed at the Arndale Shopping Center in Manchester. The market has been evacuated; police are on the scene. Travelers should avoid the vicinity and follow all official directives.

Today and tomorrow, passengers transiting London City Airport (LCY) should anticipate disruption and reconfirm flights due to an ongoing protest by the Extinction Rebellion (XR) environmentalist group. Airport operations were not significantly affected during the first day of the action yesterday; however, a sit-in caused minor traffic disruption outside the terminal building. Related demonstrations are scheduled across Europe over the next two weeks.