Business Travel Advisory


Business Travel Advisory


United States
Due to inclement weather, there is a traffic management program in effect for flights arriving to LaGuardia Airport (LGA). This is causing some arriving flights to be delayed an average of 1 hour and 19 minutes. Travelers are advised to reconfirm flights and allow additional travel time.

Due to inclement weather, there is a traffic management program in effect for flights arriving to San Francisco International Airport (SFO). This is causing some arriving flights to be delayed an average of 1 hour. Travelers are advised to reconfirm flights and allow additional travel time.

All Delta Shuttle flights departing LaGuardia Airport (LGA) to Boston, Chicago or Washington, DC have relocated to new gates at Terminal D. Delta will no longer operate any Shuttle operations from Terminal C. The new concourse is accessible via a pedestrian walkway on the east side of Delta’s existing Terminal D. The security checkpoint in Terminal D is being expanded to support both concourses. CLEAR lanes and TSA PreCheck have moved to the east side of security. Travelers arriving into the new gates with checked bags will claim their bags in Terminal D baggage claim.

Following Air Canada’s system migration on November 19, some travelers are having trouble checking in to their flight. Travelers should use their Air Canada locator or confirmation number to check-in or reach out to their Travel Advisor for an updated Amadeus record locator. At times, Air Canada’s system has been overloaded with check-in requests; an error message may be displayed preventing the completion of check-in at the time. If this happens, travelers are advised to try again or check-in via an airport kiosk or at the counter.

Today, travelers in Cartagena should anticipate disruption and plan journeys avoiding a protest at the Ceballos toll booth along the “Corredor de Carga” Highway. The demonstration is being organized by the “Cartagena Gathering Movement” and is related to a nationwide anti-government strike. Demonstrators are protesting proposals for new tolls in the city. The rally is expected to take place from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM local time, likely causing significant road disruption. Police may use tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds, posing incidental risks to those in the vicinity.

Today and tomorrow, travelers should continue to avoid all public gatherings, as activists have organized further anti-government protests despite President Ivan Duque’s recent launch of a “national dialogue.” A new national strike has been called for today. At least five people have been killed, and around 500 injured since unrest began during a nationwide strike on November 21 over Duque’s economic policies. Main routes and main squares, including Plaza Bolivar and Parque Nacional in Bogota, remain flashpoints for related protests.

Tomorrow, travelers should plan routes accounting for disruption during a strike against controversial pension reforms. Workers from multiple industries, including the public and transportation sectors, are expected to participate. Around 5,000 people attended associated protests on the island on December 5. The developments come amid an ongoing protest campaign by public sector and transportation unions in France against pension reforms.


Travelers in Somalia and eastern areas of Ethiopia’s Somali region should anticipate disruption and maintain flexible itineraries during the passage of Tropical Cyclone Pawan. The cyclone, currently located in the Arabian Sea and moving southwest towards the coast, is forecast to make landfall tomorrow between Adale and Bandarbeyla. Although the storm is expected to weaken into a tropical depression before landfall, strong winds and heavy rainfall are expected to impact the Somali coast, potentially causing flash flooding.

Today, at least two projectiles landed near Baghdad International Airport (BGW). The airport itself was not directly impacted by the projectiles. Local reports indicate there were at least five people injured. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. The incident highlights the risks to operations posed by militant activity in Iraq, including Baghdad. All travel to Baghdad should be deferred through December 15.

Today, travelers in Nairobi should plan routes bypassing the Milimani Law Courts and the Voi Law Courts due to the risk of local disruption. Nairobi Governor Mbuvi Gideon Kioko Wam Mike Sonko is scheduled to appear at the Voi Law Courts over assault charges, before heading to the Milimani Law Courts to face corruption charges. The Milimani Courthouse is located in the Central Business District area, where police have blocked off roads leading to the courthouse. Travelers should expect a heightened police presence around both courthouses and avoid protests linked to the hearings.

Today, travelers along the northwestern coast of Madagascar should exercise caution and reconfirm transportation schedules during the passage of Tropical Cyclone Belna. Belna is expected to make landfall near Soalala, along the northwestern coast, today. Heavy rain could trigger flooding, disrupting travel in affected areas. The National Office for Risk and Disaster Management (BNGRC) has urged residents in Soalala, Mahajanga district, the city of Marovoay, Mitsinjo, and Besalampy to follow all official directives.

Beginning today, passengers of Malawian Airlines should reconfirm schedules as the airline’s staff have announced they will go on a strike after negotiations with the management over salary restructuring failed. The company’s announcement to temporary hire foreign staff to fill staff shortages has angered employees, as the foreign staff would allegedly receive higher wages. While it remains unclear how long the strike would last, travelers should reconfirm travel plans.

Tomorrow, travelers in Lilongwe should avoid a planned demonstration outside the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) building and a planned march from Community Ground to Capitol Hill. The demonstrations are being organized by the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) to demand the resignation of MEC Chairperson Justice Jane Ansah amid allegations of electoral fraud. Travelers should anticipate a heightened security force presence around the events and plan routes bypassing affected areas to minimize delays.

Yesterday, armed criminals ambushed and killed at least 4 people in the Kwali area, along the road connecting Abuja and Lokoja. According to local sources, the perpetrators blocked the road before opening fire on the vehicles. Multiple similar attacks have been reported along this route in recent months. These incidents highlights banditry and kidnapping risks during road journeys, particularly along the Abuja-Lokoja Road.

Saudi Arabia
Today and tomorrow, travelers in Riyadh should anticipate increased security around the 40th Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Summit. A preparatory meeting will be held today at the GCC headquarters, while the summit itself will take place tomorrow. Given that high-level officials are expected to attend, a heightened security force presence should be expected, and road closures may be instituted. Travelers should plan routes accounting for associated disruption and allow additional time for journeys.

Today, travelers in Dakar should avoid the vicinity of the Cheikh Anta Diop University (UCAD) campus due to ongoing clashes between students and police. Police deployed tear gas in an attempt to disperse students throwing stones in protest of rising electricity prices.

South Africa
Travelers should anticipate disruption during intermittent power outages. Eskom, the country’s primary power supplier, has announced that it is escalating load-shedding from Stage 2 to Stage 4 today, doubling the frequency of power outages. Load-shedding is scheduled from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM local time today; however, Eskom warned that it is likely to continue throughout the week. Travelers should maintain flexible itineraries, exercise increased caution due to the risk of crime, and ensure their accommodations have features necessary to cope with outages.

Travelers in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, and North West provinces should plan journeys accounting for disruption due to recent heavy rain. In Gauteng, flooding has been particularly severe in Centurion, rendering some roads impassable. Further heavy rain could result in more road closures. Travelers should confirm the status of routes before undertaking road travel.


Today, travelers in Hong Kong should plan journeys to bypass gatherings called to mark the six-month anniversary of the protest movement. These gatherings of protesters are likely to result in disruption, as small groups of hardline protesters plan to disrupt public transportation services, including Mass Transit Railway (MTR) services beginning at 6:00 AM local time. Clashes between police and protesters have previously occurred during similar unauthorized protests.

On Wednesday, December 11, travelers in Kolkata should expect significant traffic disruption during a union rally. An ongoing “long march” by the Center of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) will culminate in a public meeting at the Governor’s Residence. Organizers expect 100,000 people to attend. While trade-union gatherings are generally peaceful, travelers should plan routes bypassing them to minimize inconvenience.

Tomorrow, travelers in Jakarta and other urban centers should plan journeys bypassing rallies commemorating International Human Rights Day. Although the exact time or location of rallies have not been announced, precedent suggests protesters in Jakarta may gather at the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout, the National Monument or Parliament. Additional police officers will be deployed around likely protest venues as part of heightened security amid recent terror attacks.

Marshall Islands
Cases of dengue fever have been reported, and a Health Emergency has been declared. The disease is spread mainly by mosquito bites. It can cause a range of symptoms including fever, headache, and a rash. Some people, especially infants, pregnant women and those who have been infected before, get a more severe form that can lead to fatal complications. Travelers should prevent infection by avoiding mosquito bites.

Travelers in Yangon and other urban centers should anticipate and avoid further rallies in support of Aung San Suu Kyi. The country’s de facto leader and other high-ranking government and military officials are due to appear at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague tomorrow through Thursday, December 12. Myanmar is facing charges of genocide in connection with a 2017 counter-insurgency campaign in Rakhine. The rallies are likely to be peaceful but will cause disruption in their vicinities.

An increase in scrub typhus cases has been reported in several locations. Scrub typhus is a bacterial disease spread to humans by infected mite bites. Fever, headaches, enlarged lymph nodes, and eschar usually occur. Timely treatment is essential. If left untreated, severe illness may develop and can turn fatal. There is no vaccine. Travelers should prevent infection by avoiding mite bites.

New Zealand
Today, a volcano on Whakaari/White Island erupted at 2:11 PM local time. A Level Four Volcanic Alert (the second-highest level) has been declared throughout the island, indicating eruption hazards on and near the volcano. Around 100 people were reportedly on the island when the volcano erupted; a rescue operation is underway. Travelers should avoid the vicinity of the volcano and follow official directives. Volcanic ash and smoke may disrupt flights at short notice. Travelers should plan journeys accordingly.

Tomorrow, travelers in Manila should avoid a rally commemorating International Human Rights Day to minimize delays. Participants plan to gather at Santa Cruz Church from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM local time, before proceeding to Liwasang Bonifacio and Mendiola Bridge from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM local time. The rally is expected to be well-attended. Additional gatherings are possible; these are likely to pass off peacefully but will cause local disruption.

On Thursday, December 12, travelers in Bangkok should anticipate large crowds and associated traffic disruption during the Royal Barge Procession. More than 100,000 people are expected to attend the procession along the Chao Phraya River beginning at 3:30 PM local time. Local authorities have set up six viewing points along the river. Heightened security and increased congestion can be expected in the city during the celebration.


Travelers in the UK and European Union (EU) should continue to monitor developments and follow all government guidelines related to the process of the UK leaving the EU, known as “Brexit.” The EU has agreed on a flexible extension date of January 31, 2020. The current negotiations come amid heightened political tensions over a British General Election, which is expected to take place in early December. Local gatherings relating to Brexit may take place in the UK, with most such events likely to be focused on Parliament Square in London.

Czech Republic
Tomorrow, as well as December 16 and 19, travelers in main urban centers should plan routes bypassing protests against Prime Minister Andrej Babis. This comes after the reopening of a fraud probe over Babi’s alleged misuse of EU subsidies. The pro-democracy “A Million Moments for Democracy” movement has given him an ultimatum to resign by December 31. It has called for a protest in Wenceslas Square in Prague at 6:00 PM local time tomorrow. Rallies have also been scheduled in smaller urban centers on December 16 and in regional capitals on December 19. Associated gatherings are expected to be well attended.

Today through Wednesday, December 11, travelers in Finland are advised to monitor developments linked to a strike called by major unions over wages and working conditions. The walkout, which will affect the oil, metals, chemicals and lumber industries, among others, is scheduled to start at 12:01 AM local time today and end at 11:59 PM local time on Wednesday, December 11. Industry representatives have warned that the strike has the potential to disrupt fuel supplies across the country.

Today, travelers in Florence should plan journeys accounting for disruption to national Trenitalia services following a magnitude 4.5 earthquake that struck the commune of Scarperia e San Piero at 4:37 AM local time. Trenitalia suspended several services amid technical checks to its railway tracks, though operations are gradually resuming on some lines.

On Friday, December 13, passengers transiting Italian airports should anticipate disruption and reconfirm flights due to a nationwide aviation strike. The 24-hour strike is being organized by four unions over an ongoing air transportation crisis and associated government policies. The strike will mainly impact Alitalia and Air Italy; it will also affect Easy Jet from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM local time.

Tomorrow, travelers in Stockholm should anticipate disruption during a protest called by Bosnian War Victim Associations. The protest will take place at Sergel’s Square to denounce a controversial statement made by an Austrian writer who is due to be awarded a Nobel Prize. Several thousand people are expected to participate in the rally.

Travelers should monitor developments and avoid protests against a potential political compromise with Russia during the “Normandy Four” Summit in Paris today. At least 8,000 people participated in opposition-led protests at Independence Square yesterday. Another 2,000 protesters gathered outside the Presidential Administration building; some have set up tents in the area and vowed to continue demonstrations until the results of the summit are known. Gatherings throughout the country may persist if protesters deem the summit’s outcome unfavorable.

United Kingdom
An increase in mumps cases has been reported nationwide. Cases reported this year have been significantly higher than those reported last year. Mumps is caused by a virus that spreads from person-to-person via infected droplets. It is highly contagious and nearly all cases occur among unvaccinated people. Symptoms include fever, painful and swollen glands, pain on swallowing, and inflammation of the testes in men. Serious complications can occur. All travelers should ensure they are fully vaccinated against mumps.