U.S. Dollar set to start 2019 with losses


The U.S. Dollar remains subdued and likely will not face much in terms of changes throughout today.


Trade concerns into 2019 will remain, but over the weekend it was reported that China’s Premier Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump had some “progress” in conversation. We see the greenback as vulnerable to losses, particularly because the economy is showing signs of doubt in its ability to sustain further uncertainty over tariffs and other potential barriers to business.

What to Watch Today…

  • • No major events scheduled for today.


The Euro reigned in December, climbing by 1.1% based on the growing instability surrounding the U.S. markets and improved political outlook in dealing with Italy’s as well as other national budgets within the Euro-zone. We predict a better year for Euro, but with bumps on the road as it continues to figure out Brexit and copes with populist sentiment.


The Yen continues its run as it strengthens further as a result of turmoil in global stock indexes. We foresaw this period of Yen appreciation coming since we figured a while back that there were similar patterns to markets this year as there were last.

Any hit to market outlooks was going to benefit the Yen as a safe-haven and ongoing speculation that indexes could deflate even more going into 2019 is only adding to the currency’s advance against dollar and other counterparts. We look forward to guiding you further into the New Year.

SOURCE: TEMPUS https://goo.gl/SyfjBh

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