SBA Guarantee Fee Waiver Benefits Export Express


Product Highlight: SBA Guarantee Fee Waiver Benefits Export Express

Export Express loans will benefit significantly from the updated guarantee fee schedule for all SBA 7(a) loans that was just announced on September 7, 2021.

Beginning October 1, 2021, the SBA will waive the guarantee and servicing fees for all loans of $350,000 and under.  You can read the full notice here.

Export Express loans can support everything from revolving working capital needs through fixed asset and real estate purchases. For those lenders already familiar with SBA Express, Export Express operates very similarly while carrying a higher guarantee.

Export Express has the same $500,000 loanlimit as SBA Express with a two-tier guarantee structure. For loans of $350,000 and under, Export Express maintains a 90% guarantee. That limit is reduced to 75% for loans greater than $350,000 and up to a  limit of $500,000. This compares to SBA Express loans, which have a 50% guarantee across the board.

The guarantee fee structure for FY 2022 will allow lenders even greater flexibility when supporting the needs of their exporters. On those loans of $350,000 and under, lenders will now be able to offer Export Express loans with no guarantee fee due from the borrower and no servicing fee due from the bank.

The Office of International Trade’s staff of Export Finance Managers are available to help lenders navigate the Export Express program and determine how it can best be used in your institution. Please contact your local Export Finance Manager to begin the discussion on how Export Express and our other export programs can assist your clients.

Manufacturing Month 2021: Make Locally, Sell Global

October is Manufacturing Month!The Office of International Trade is proud to announce our expanded programming for Manufacturing Month. This year, we built upon our annual Manufacturing Day event and created a month-long series of content that may be of interest to you or your clients. Registration for all of the events is open now.

Manufacturing Month Webinar Lineup:

  • Manufacturing Day Celebration – Sept 30:  On the eve of Manufacturing Day 2021, hear stories from three manufacturers who have effectively tapped Federal Government export assistance to achieve global market success. Federal agencies will also review resources available to your company.
  • Early-stage Manufacturers – Oct 7: Explore federal resources available to support the idea phase, commercialization, and global growth journey of early-stage manufacturers.
  • Financing/Credit Insurance – Oct 14: Listen in on a discussion of finance challenges and solutions for manufacturers.  Learn from the experts!
  • Supply Chain – Oct 21: The Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) will facilitate a discussion on supply chain solutions for SME manufacturers. Learn how your company improve operations, reduce costs, and mitigate risk through effective supply chain management!
  • Celebrando el Mes de la Manufactura – Oct 28: This Spanish language webinar will feature Hispanic-owned manufacturers sharing their export success stories and an overview of Federal export promotion resources.