Cost-Effective Ways to Celebrate Small Business Successes Through Employee Appreciation


Cost-Effective Ways to Celebrate Small Business Successes Through Employee Appreciation

It’s a big part of your role as the owner to continuously show your appreciation for the hard work and dedication your team brings to the table each day. And it doesn’t need to be expensive to celebrate your employees. Body:Small business owners and their teams work incredibly hard for every goal that’s accomplished and every dollar they earn. It takes incredible motivation to build a strong team with the drive needed to create small business success. 

Celebrating Small Business Successes Doesn’t Have to be Expensive Acknowledging

The dedication of your employees and celebrating successes along the way is so important for morale and team building. There’s no shortage of research showing a direct connection between workplace recognition and job satisfaction, retention, and profits. But, when you’re a small business, cash can be tight and extravagant celebrations aren’t always in the budget. There’s no reason that celebrating successes has to come with a big price tag.

Here are several cost-effective ways to celebrate your successes and show employees your genuine appreciation for their work.

•Surprise employees by ending the workday a few hours early 

•Bring in a catered lunch or food from a favorite local lunch spot

•Get out of the office and take your team to lunch

•Arrange for an ice cream truck or food truck to stop by

•Give each team member a gift card to your local coffee shop

•Get outside and host an employee picnic

•Take everyone out to a local baseball game

•Issue certificates of appreciation 

However, You Choose to Celebrate, Always Include a Hand-written Thank You Note

Hand-written Thank You Note

A thoughtful, handwritten thank you note is the most cost-Effective way to celebrate successes, and also one of the most effective. Personalize the note to acknowledge each person’s specific contribution to the success and the company as a 103 whole.

When small celebrations and thank Yous are truly authentic and sincere they many times go even further than more expensive alternatives in expressing your true appreciation. Building, motivating, and celebrating your team does not have to involve a lot of capital. What it does require is intentional leadership and a continuous acknowledgment of your team’s hard work and dedication to your business. It isn’t always easy to support your team while you’re in the thick of running your business day-to-day. When you hire your first employee or when you’re ready to grow your team, talk with other small business owners and mentors, like a SCORE mentor, with experience leading and celebrating successful teams. A SCORE mentor will help you lead your team, celebrate your wins and build a strong culture for your business. Contact a SCORE mentor today. 

Yusef Muhammad
Southwest Regional Vice President, SCORE

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