Tips for Making Small Business Blogging Efforts More Manageable


Tips for Making Small Business Blogging Efforts More Manageable

Blogging is often a time-consuming and intimidating task for small business owners who are already juggling a full plate of responsibilities. Here are tips to make blog writing more manageable.

The word ‘blog’ can be a scary one for a lot of small business owners. For one, writing isn’t always easy. Many high-achieving entrepreneurs still find it difficult to craft their thoughts into words. Writing a blog can also be a time-consuming task, especially if writing is not a part of your typical day-to-day workload. Blogging is, however, an extremely important element of any business that has an online presence –which is just about every business out there. It’s one of the key elements in keeping your website performing at its best.

Why? Because Google values quality content. The more quality content you have on your site, and the more frequently you add that content to it, the higher your site will perform in organic search rankings over time. Because Google places such a high value on content, a site without a blogging strategy is less likely to be discovered by potential customers. And, if customers can’t find your website, you’re losing sales.

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Blogging Is Good for Business

Maintaining a blog requires time and effort. But, the rewards are far worth it when done right. According to HubSpot, businesses that prioritize blogging see 13-times the return on their investment than businesses that don’t. On average, companies with a blog receive 55% more website visitors. That may have something to do with why businesses that blog generate 67% more leads per month.

Even with all of the good that a blog can bring to your business’ earning potential, the fact remains that writing can be intimidating for a lot of people, including many entrepreneurs. On top of the hesitation to put pen to paper, blogging also takes time. And time is something most small business owners can’t spare.

Stop Staring at a Blank Screen. Here’s How to Make Blog Writing Easier and More Manageable

Here are some of the ways to create high-quality content while still running the rest of your business.

  1. CreateaPlan…And Stick to It Blogging isn’t always easy and blogging consistently can be even harder. Planning out your blog topics ahead of time and maintaining a writing and posting schedule is step one. Without a plan, you’re doomed to let blog writing take a back seat to your day-to-day tasks. Set aside two to three hours each month to write. By creating time to write while also putting a limit on the time you dedicate to blogging, you’ll be better able to stick to a schedule and not over or under-commit.
  2. Look to Your Customers for Topic Ideas If you receive frequently asked customer questions, then each question is a potential blog post. Blog content should be informative and helpful to your reader. If you can provide helpful content that you already know your customer’s looking for, the blog post becomes much easier and less time consuming to write.
  3. Pay Attention to What Others in Your Industry are Saying Blogging is one way for you and your brand to stay relevant in your industry. Use your blog to speak as an expert in your field, react to the events occurring in your industry, and contribute to discussions on important topics. Not only will you be creating more content to help your website rank higher in google search results, but you’ll also begin establishing your brand as a voice of authority and expertise in your field.
  4. Share Customer Success Stories Customer success stories are blog post gold. They give you the opportunity to celebrate a customer and, by association, celebrate your business’ contribution to that success. Customer stories often take less time to write since there’s no need to create content out of the blue. Just call your customer and let them share their story. As an added bonus, you get one more touchpoint with a happy customer.
  5. Delegate Blogging Responsibilities Being the voice of your company’s blog does not mean you have to do it all. Engage other employees in the blog writing process or bring on a freelance writer or marketing agency to take some of the burdens of monthly blog writing off your plate. Relying on others to help is going to make it much easier to keep your blog updated with smart content.

Blog Writing Will Become Manageable When You Find a Process that Works for You

The biggest tip to make blog writing more manageable is to find the right process for your schedule and workflow. Wherever you are in the blogging process, connect with your network of trusted partners and mentors, including a SCORE mentor, for more tips on how to manage blogging alongside your many other roles as the owner of a small business. A SCORE mentor will work with you to develop a marketing strategy, including a content plan for your blog that’s manageable and realistic. A mentor will also connect you with blog writers who can take the job off of your to-do list and free you up to tackle the other tasks on your very full plate. Contact a SCORE mentor today.

Yusef Muhammad
Southwest Regional Vice President, SCORE

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