Companies To Watch, Farapulse


Farapulse is a nascent medical device company that is spearheading a new wave of innovation in the area of cardiac ablation. Cardiac ablation is a medical procedure that is used to correct arrhythmias. Until recently, cardiac ablation has been associated with certain risks like bleeding and infection of ablated areas, damage to blood vessels, venous thromboembolism, pulmonary vein stenosis, among others. These were generally accepted as unavoidable demerits of ablating methods that involved either the use of extreme heat (radiofrequency) or the use of extreme cold (cryoablation). However, Farapulse is devising new ways of overcoming the drawbacks of these two approaches through its innovative products.

Farapulse prides itself as being able to offer “the freedom to ablate without restraint”, which is an unequivocal hint at its devices’ ability to overcome the drawbacks of thermal ablation, which is: indiscriminate destruction of cardiac tissues, including the targeted cardiac myocytes.

Farapulse pledges to usher in a new era in cardiac ablation through what it calls Pulsed Electric Field (PEF). PEF is cautious and revolutionary, in that it is highly efficient and safe to use. That said, PEF attains true distinction from thermal ablation because of its ability to distinguish cell or tissue types apart. PEF has tolerance for neighboring critical cells and tissues, which allows it to ablate cardiac myocytes without harming neighboring vital organs and tissues.

Farapulse’s innovation is evidenced by products like Farawave, which is “a percutaneous catheter designed to create transmural and contiguous lesions on the endocardium of the left atrium to isolate the pulmonary veins.” And Faraone, which is “designed to create a box lesion around all pulmonary veins from an epicardial placement of the catheter for the treatment of atrial fibrillation.”

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