About the CEO, Dr. Guylene Roberston

Dr. Guylene Roberston is the founder and CEO of Playgrounds Today Inc. in 2005. She is a former educational administrator with 36 years of education experience. Previously, she has worked as a teacher, campus administrator, central office administrator, and school district superintendent. She has presented many local, state and national educational conferences.


She started Playground Today Inc. (PTI) to provide schools, universities, parks, and churches with high-quality commercial recreation equipment. In 2015, as the company entered its growth phase, PTI added as a DBA.


She is an outstanding grant writer as she has been successful in gaining needed funds for many districts and also, in guiding the customers of PTI Sports and Recreation. Her experience of districts varies from a district with 250 students to a district with 48,000 students. Her leadership experience, practical knowledge, and child development set the base of a distinctive perspective while working with administrators, Educational staff and customers, etc. In 2014, she got retired from public education. She is influential in her local community consisting of Lake Livingston Rotary, Childrenz Haven Board of Directors, Livingston St. Lukes Hospital Board of Directors, Escapees Board of Directors. Moreover, she is an alumnus of the Kingdom Builders’ Construction Contractors’ College, SBA Emerging Leaders Initiative, and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program. In 2013-15, she has also served the Polk County Chamber of Commerce Board of directors. From 2010 to present, she has worked with the Economic Development Strategic Planning organization. She was also a participant in the committee of fundraising for Angelina College Program of Polk County.

PTI Sports and Recreation Construction


PTI is an American  Sport, Playground Equipment and  Site Amenities Construction company. PTI was founded by Guylene Roberston and her husband Terry in 2005. In 2009, the company moved its headquarters to Texas. The company operates in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Lubbock, Abilene, San Angelo, and Amarillo.

Their slogan is Sports and Recreation Construction with quality, safety, and community in mind.

The PTI is categorized into:

  1. PTI sports and Recreation  Construction
  2. Woodsy Hollow Campground and RV Resort


  1. PTI Sports and Recreation Construction:

PTI Sports and Recreation Construction is a sports and playground equipment company which deals in selling and installing high-quality sports and playground equipment in universities, playgrounds, parks, schools, and churches etc. Their products are:

  • Artificial and Non-Artificial Turf
  • Running Track
  • Tennis and Basketball Court
  • Site Amenities such as Park benches, picnic tables, bike racks, sports seating, sports goals etc
  • Shade Structures
  • Gym Wall Padding
  • Playgrounds
  • Rockwalls

Their services are not limited to only selling and installation of sports equipment, rather they maintain playground safety through recreation equipment repair, service, and inspection. Also, PTI offers delivery and drop shipment for all orders. It serves majorly school districts and individual customers. Furthermore, it also serves municipalities, universities and homeowner associations. Majority of their customers are in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

  1. Woodsy Hollow Campground and RV Resort:
    Woodsy Hollow Campground and RV Resort offer 45 full RV sites and 40 full tent sites. They serve local organizations and also at national level.  It includes a community center or more specifically an event center where people or organizations meet for events or special occasions. It also offers a meeting area for educational staffs at no cost in-service days.

Success and Achievements:

Firstly, when the PTI started, it had only 5 full-time workers. But with their hard work and enthusiasm, they have reached a level of 15 full time and 10 additional summer staff.  PTI has more than 40 years combined experience in the sports and recreation industry. The main secret behind their maintenance and being in the industry is their philosophy, which makes them unique from other competitors.  Their philosophy is that they do business the old fashioned way, pay attention to details before and after the project construction. PTI believes in giving back to their community. In 2010, playground equipment and installed in Goodrich School District. They also repaired and maintained the tennis courts of Goodrich School District. PTI has also gifted park benches to Escapees CARE center. Furthermore, PTI is quite generous in donations to fundraisers. Also, they have donated and even installed a complete play system East Texas schools district, who suffered the loss of playgrounds in 2016 floods.

Woodsy Hollow is also popular for its donations. It donates the event center to local fundraisers. The first responder appreciation day has been hosted by Woodsy Hollow for the last 9 years. First, they invite the responders along with their families. The whole event is sponsored by Woodsy Hollow. They offer the majority of food, live entertainment, refreshments, recreational activities such as swimming, kayaking, washers, water slides, moonwalk and chair messages to all the attendees.

PTI believes in equality. They treat everyone, the way they want them to be treated. It doesn’t matter to them whether it’s a customer, an employee or general public. They behave the same with all. This attracts people towards them. They want to manage the problem as such that it should be visible that yes, it’s solved!


Every year Texas A&M nominates the fast and successfully growing small business and awards the 100 fastest growing companies globally. In 2017, PTI has won the award of the 3rd fastest growing company. The CEO & owner of PTI, Guylene Robertson was selected as a participant in the 2017 Emerging Leaders Class, which was hosted by Small Business Administration. Recently, in 2018, PTI Sports and Recreation Construction was honored as the Texas Forest Country Economic Development – Polk County Small Business of the Year.  The twelve county economic development initiative works to sponsor and develop local businesses and to bring new economic development to better the Texas Forest Country region.